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Our team here at Chang Gu Biotechnology can provide a wide range of services that can fit into your needs.

-Medical Device Marketing
-Promotional Services

Product Development Expertise
-Research and development
-Products and other medical industry related information

Continuously Trend Scouting to Provide Market Trends and Insight
- New product innovation
- The latest information on regulations and provi

- Global Sales Team/ Product Development
- Design Team/ Brand Development & Marketing
- Research and development team
- Package Sourcing & Development
- Project Management


Dedicated Teams and Resources

  • Can I find your product in my country?
    We are available in Taiwan at the moment, but if you're in other countries please feel free to contact us.
  • Can I be your distributor in my country?
    We are open for new opportunities. Please email us at Thank you!
  • How much time do I need for recovery?
    It depends on person but most of our patients walked out of the hospital in the afternoon after their morning operation.
  • How many piece of EVA do I need?
    Please contact your doctor for clinical details.
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